Gaddafi uses BBC interview to proclaim literary prowess of Katie Price

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Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi has illustrated his diminished mental capacity by using a BBC interview to publicly laud the literary works of mammary display unit, Katie Price.

Gaddafi laughed his way through the interview with the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen, insisting everything was just fine in Libya and that Angel Uncovered is one of the finest literary works of the last century.

His continued insistence that Crystal deserves pride of place in the Libyan schools’ syllabus has led to UN calls for further sanctions and the implementation of a no-fly zone across the country.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters, “The man is clearly delusional, as it’s clear he’s never actually looked at a Katie Price book.”

“If he has read it, and he still believes what he’s saying, then he’s obviously mentally deficient – I don’t know which is worse.”

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Gaddafi Interview

Calls for further sanctions have gained international support upon news that Gaddafi has been rounding up protesters and forcing them to listen to extracts of Price’s third autobiography, the one before the two newer ones.

A UN spokesperson said, “I heard about the alleged autobiography sessions, and as a result we’re convening a Hague war crimes trial as we speak.”

“By exposing his people to the words of that horrendous woman he is guaranteeing that the history books will look back at him as this century’s Adolf Hitler.”

“In years to come philosophers will pose the question ‘if you could go back in time to when Gaddafi was a child and had never heard of Katie Price, would you kill him?’ – and the answer will be yes, it will always be yes.”

“We’re all for peaceful resolutions, but this is too far, someone needs to shoot that man, and quickly.”

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