Ashley Cole urged to help Torres with shooting practise

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Reports that Ashley Cole successfully shot work experience student Tom Cowan from about six yards out have filled the Chelsea dressing room with excitement.

Cole, 30, who holds the title as England’s most capped full back, was immediately called back to the training ground by Carlos Ancelotti to work with troubled striker Fernando Torres.

“The news that Ashley hit the target from five foot, accidental or not, filled me with joy,” the Italian said.

“At the moment Fernando is having trouble from about just about every distance so Ashley could be the perfect man to help him practise his shooting.”

Ashley Cole Shooting

Torres, who so far in his Chelsea career has looked like the biggest waste of £50m since the last Eddie Murphy film, has yet to find the net for Chelsea and looks even more fed up than he did trudging around the Premier League’s mid-table for Liverpool.

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Cowan, when quizzed on the lent his support to Cole. “I didn’t expect him to hit me from there, and I was able to put into practise what I’d already learnt from Didier Drogba in the way I went to the floor.”

It’s understood no action will be taken against Cole as the entire Chelsea squad surrounded the attending police officer, reassuring him that nothing that happened and insisting he check with the guy stood at the sidelines who saw everything.

Football fan Mike Williams said, “I’ll be honest, when I heard Ashley Cole had been involved in a shooting incident I got quite excited, but this is worst possible outcome I could have imagined.”

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