Gaddafi TV appearance receives critical praise from Comical Ali

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After his brief television appearance last night, Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi this morning received his strongest support yet, from former Iraqi Minister of Information Comical Ali.

Ali, real name Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf has slipped from the public eye in the last few years, but was delighted to see the techniques he spent so long perfecting still used on global television.

He said, “That was a masterful television performance, I almost believed the words coming out of his mouth, that’s the biggest compliment I can give him.”

“Such are his acting skills that he can probably get a gig on Eastenders after his imminent fall from power.”

“I thought his reference to the foreign press as ‘dogs’ was sublime. I am honoured that people think I could have been coaching him.”

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Gaddafi makes TV address

Gaddaffi used his television performance to insist that people should trust the words coming out of his mouth and not the things they can see and hear on the streets with their own eyes and ears.

He told viewers, “There is no massacre.  The people dying on the street outside your window were there when I got there, honest.”

“Look at my emotionless plastic face – it tells you the truth.”

One middle east analyst said “He’s taking the news he’s no longer wanted like a particularly graceless Britain’s Got Talent contestant, but instead of Simon Cowell telling him he’s shit, it’s the entire planet.”

“I watched that broadcast half expecting to see Ant and Dec to put a consoling arm around him at the end.”