2012 Olympic Velodrome unveils first graffiti

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The 6,000-seat velodrome for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics has officially unveiled its first graffiti, which appeared shortly after it opened its doors on Tuesday morning.

The £93m testament to the nation’s willingness to build things for stuff we’re quite good at was adorned with with the poorly sprayed words ‘Bikes is gay’ shortly after 10am this morning.

Olympic organising committee chairman Lord Coe told reporters, “The first official graffiti is an important milestone for any British attraction, but more so for this Olympic park as it’s in the heart of one of London’s roughest areas.”

“If we don’t take time to honour this particular message, it will soon be lost amongst a sea of other graffiti and generations to come will never know which came first.”

“We’re delighted to honour the message, and the way in which it captures the essence of public feeling towards the building.”

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London 2012 Velodrome opened

No-one has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the graffiti, though some are disputing that it was indeed the first message to appear on the brand new facility.

Cleaner Roger Michaels told us, “I was in the gents first thing this morning, and someone had written ‘Shane Douglas sucks dicks for money’ along with a mobile number.”

“I reported it, obviously, though the awarding committee insisted that this was technically an advert and so could not be declared the winner.”

“So if you’re reading this, sorry Shane.”

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