New study finds Monkeys have human-like disdain for perpetually tedious tests

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Monkeys trained to play computer games have helped to show that it is not just humans that show complete disdain for boring pointless tests, a study says.

Awareness of how tedious everything actually is was previously thought to be a human-only trait, but this new study shows that monkeys are equally capable of displaying their complete boredom when confronted with the banality of a series of button-pressing tests.

The study by Professor John David Smith from the State University of New York is the first to show such levels of self-awareness among primates.

He told reporters, “One monkey gave me this look that said ‘really, you want me to keep pressing this button? I can do that, but are either of us really learning anything new?’. It was amazing.”

“He reacted much like a mid-level executive forced to take yet another insipid Myers Briggs personality test.  He did it, but you could tell it was under protest.”

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Monkeys found to be self-aware

The study is expected to lead to further studies in which monkeys will be tested to see just how bored they can get.

Professor Smith continued, “I don’t doubt for one second that if they hadn’t been locked in a cage sat in front of the computer they would have simply got up and gone to do something more interesting instead.”

“That’s an incredibly human thing to do when you think about it.”

“The field of boring monkeys to tears is one of the fastest growing research topics in the world, and we should throw many more millions of dollars in its direction so that we might finally answer the question ‘why is everything so unbelievably shit’.”

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