Lampard admits it would be a ‘disaster’ if Chelsea finish where they deserve to

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Frank Lampard has admitted it would be a ‘disaster’ if Chelsea were to finish where they deserve to this season, and leave one of the world’s most expensively assembled sides outside of the qualification places for the Champions League.

Their goalless draw against Fulham on Monday, which saw new £50m signing Fernando Torres displaying all the footballing prowess of a heavily-sedated sloth, left the London club trailing fourth placed Tottenham Hotspur by two points.

With Chelsea now all but out of the title race, the 32-year-old midfielder denied that the remaining cup competitions they find themselves in were the priority, saying it would be foolish to place such emphasis on tournaments that they didn’t have a cat in hells chance of winning.

He told reporters, “We’re not focusing on the cups yet, we still feel we can finish higher than we deserve to, definitely.  We’re not putting all our eggs into the cup basket just yet.”

“And to be frank, which I am and therefore have every right to be, I’m not even sure we have that many eggs left.”

“Even if we had loads and I asked Fernando to crack one into a frying pan, I’m reasonably certain it would bounce up off the edge of it and find it self nestling in the culinary equivalent of Row Z.”

Chelsea remain 5th

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti disagreed with Lampard’s assessment saying the eggs weren’t the problem, but those responsible for turning those eggs into glory-covered chickens.

“It is as Jose used to say, if you want to make the best omelette, you pay £50m for the best eggs.”

“That is fine, but if having bought those fine eggs they combine so abysmally with the other expensively assembled eggs you already have, then what you are left with is something resembling the current Chelsea team.”