Offenders on sex register to get right of appeal, what do you think?

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Thousands of sex offenders in England and Wales are set to be given the right to appeal against having their names on the sex offenders register for life.

The Supreme Court found that not giving offenders the right of appeal was incompatible with their human rights.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about sex offenders potentially having their names removed from the sex offenders register.

Woman on the Street“I don’t know, you commit five or six teeny weeny counts of child molestation and your name is mud for life. It all seems a bit extreme to me.”

Rich Dawson, Lawyer

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Man on the Street“In my day child molesters only had two options – leave the country, or join the priesthood. They were such innocent times.”

Deborah Jones, Analyst

Man on the Street“Sex offenders register? What sex offenders registers? Oh, hang on. This is only if you get caught, right?”

Mike Gillingham, Recluse

Woman on the Street

“We should treat sex offenders just like any other prisoners, so that when they’ve served their sentence they’re as free to re-offend as every other criminal we release.”

Sheila Gates, Nurse