Making things more expensive continuing to put prices up

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As the latest figures showed UK inflation has risen to 4%, experts are claiming that the government’s policy of making things more expensive is continuing to raise the price of many things.

The figures, which are the first to include the effects of a rise in VAT to 20%, has resulted in a need for the Chairman of the Bank of England to write to the Chancellor explaining the outlook and what is being done to address it.

A Treasury spokesperson explained, “These letters to George Osborne are essentially comic strips, with lots of bright colours and a very simple plot in which everything gets more expensive because our hero, Georgie, keeps putting up the price of things.”

“They’re getting increasingly basic, and this latest one looks like it was drawn by a child.  Though I can see the logic in that, to be honest.”

Inflation up to 4%

The Bank of England is expected to raise interest rates in light of the latest figures, raising the spectre of increased mortgage discussions at the nation’s dinner parties.

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One analyst explained, “With inflation at such a high level, the Bank of England are left with no choice but to make an evening with your friends significantly more tedious.”

He continued, “It’s a very strange situation in which the Bank of England has to write to the government to explain why them putting up prices is making things more expensive.”

“But then you realise he’s writing to George Osborne and it all makes sense.”

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