Lady Gaga sparks further gender debate by arriving at Grammys in giant testicle

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Pop star Lady Gaga has sparked further debate surrounding her gender by arriving at this year’s Grammys in a giant testicle.

Gaga had previously put to bed any rumours surrounding her gender by displaying her genitals in a variety of shiny costumes, however her latest effort has seen eyebrows raised throughout the industry.

As one celebrity correspondent explained, “She could have arrived wrapped in a massive vagina, but she didn’t. She deliberately chose a testicle, and we know that Lady Gaga likes her outfits to make a statement, so what is this one saying?”

“Is she hiding behind a testicle, instead of a testicle hiding behind her? It’s a mystery, for sure.”

Another told us, “Look, if she’d turned up wearing a couple of over-sized labia we wouldn’t even be talking about it, would we.”

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“It’s almost like she wants us to ask what going on with that big hairy bollock.”

Lady Gaga’s Grammys outfit

Lady Gaga inside her giant testicle last night

Fashion Expert Martha Williams told us, “What Gaga is telling us is that she is constrained by the testicle, it’s a metaphor for her ongoing struggle in an industry dominated at the very top by men alone.”

“She has managed to break free from the testicle, but many have not.  Or something.”

“Or she just wanted to get on the front of a few papers. Take your pick.”

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