David Cameron to explain plot of Twin Peaks to a labrador

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Prime Minister David Cameron has employed the use of a Labrador to practice getting across confusing government policies such as the Big Society, to the public.

Mr Cameron attempted to explain the plot of David Lynch’s serial drama Twin Peaks to a Labrador named Baffles, as preparation for a speech he gave to social entrepreneurs in London in which he defended the Big Society.

The Big Society has been described by Mr Cameron as his mission in politics, but has been dismissed by critics as a cover for crippling cuts.

“If the prime minister can cut through the surrealism of Twin Peaks and explain the intricacies of the plot to a 3 year-old Labrador bitch, then getting the Big Society message across to a bewildered electorate should be child’s play” revealed a government spokesperson.

Cameron explains Big Society

Labour leader Ed Miliband has criticised the government cuts and described the Big Society as a ‘failure’.

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He told reporters, “It’s no surprise that Baffles has so far struggled to grasp the weird humour associated with Twin Peaks.”

“Much like the public’s understanding of the Big Society, she will grow weary, confused and ultimately lose interest.”

The government has denied that Baffles has become pre-occupied with trying to find hidden messages within government policy as a result of watching Twin Peaks.

“Project Merlin being an anagram of Inject more PR, is a red herring.” revealed Francis Maude

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