I don’t want to discuss relegation, or any other words with an R in them, insists Hodgson

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Newly appointed West Brom boss Roy Hodson has confirmed that he does not wish to talk about relegation, or any other phrases with an R in them, such as ‘drop zone’ and ‘Premier League trap door’.

Hodgson revealed that his decision to join the Premier League strugglers was a difficult one, given the prominent R in their name, but he is confident he can oversee a “volte-face” in the club’s fortunes, which is a phrase meaning ‘reversal’.

He told the press conference, “People will say I’ve taken the wong job, what with my new team being the only team in the pwemier league with a such a pwominent R, but I’m sure I can handle it as long as I keep focussing on the opposition, and weferwing to us as the ‘Baggies’.”

“I always found the Hawthorns a tough place to come, especially without mentioning the team that plays here, so it’s nice not to have to wowwy about that away fixture any more.”

Hodgson joins West Brom

Hodgson faced a number of tough questions from the gathered reporters, despite it being his first day in the job, with one asking, “What are the chances that at the end of the season you will release Steven Reid?”

“Or Chris Brunt?”questioned a second.

“Yeah, that’s a good one! Will you release Chris Brunt?” enquired a third.

Hodgson responded to every question by simply replying “Piss off”.