Olympic stadium perfect for Championship football, say 2012 bosses

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London 2012 organisers have made West Ham preferred bidders for the Olympic stadium, insisting it is the perfect place to host the Championship football they will inevitably be playing in the not too distant future.

West Ham are now favourites to take over the £500m, after Olympic organisers insisted that Tottenham Hotspurs’s proposal of spending half a billion pounds on something you then demolish after a month was ‘a bit of a waste’.

Olympic spokesperson Lord Coe said, “We loved West Ham’s plans for bringing Championship football to the Olympic stadium.”

“It’s a venue that will really ignite the capital’s imagination with visits from footballing titans such as Swansea, Scunthorpe and Yeovil.  That’s something the people of Newham can really start to look forward to.”

“So far West Ham have been as good as their word in remaining rooted to the foot of the Premier League, so for that they must be commended.”

West Ham to get Olympic Stadium

The Olympic organisers are likely to face criticism for not giving the stadium to a team likely to be playing in the nation’s top flight in the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson said, “The stadium is not really suitable for the premier league, which is why we chose not to give it to Tottenham.”

“Premier league supporters are fickle, and a running track is likely to get in the way of the views from corporate boxes and television crews, who are the most important people at the top end our domestic game.”

“In the Championship however it’s altogether different, there fans don’t mind how far away you are from the pitch, as long as you’re not sat in a pool of urine or getting piss wet through when it rains.”

“I’m pleased for David Gold and David Sullivan though, after seventeen years as the richest partnership in football – first with Birmingham City and now West Ham – this is the first thing they’ve ever come close to winning.”