Nick Clegg slams Universities for charging as much as he said they could

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Deputy Prime Minister has slammed Cambridge University over its plans to charge tuition fees of £9,000 per year just because he changed the rules so that they can.

Oxford and Cambridge are among the first universities to imply that they will look to charge the most that the coalition has told them they can, provoking Clegg into a stinging rebuke for staying within the new rules.

After facing students Clegg told reporters, “I think it’s an outrage that these universities are taking advantage of the rules I put in place allowing let them do exactly this.”

“I didn’t completely capitulate on my pre-election promise not to raise tuition fees just so universities could raise their tuition fees to an amount we said they could, it’s outrageous.”

“By changing the rules so that universities could charge £9,000 per year it was never my intention that universities could start charging £9,00o per year, especially not the really good ones.”

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“I only wish that as the deputy prime minister I had any influence in preventing these universities charging such amounts.”

Clegg slams Cambridge tuition fees

Later on in the day Clegg used his public platform to slam drivers who insist on driving on motorways at 70mph, and bankers who pay just the amount of tax that the new rules say they should.

He continued, “This is the big society, and just because we make a load of rules that tell you what you can do, doesn’t mean you should all be doing exactly that.”

“What sort of society will we have if everyone plays within the rules we make and does exactly what the government says it can?”

“A Tory one, that’s what.”

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