Northampton residents praise bravery of man who opened jewellery shop in their town

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Northampton residents have today been praising the outstanding bravery of the man who plucked up the courage to open a jewellery shop in the centre of their town.

His shop was robbed by helmet-wearing thieves over the weekend, in an incident many residents have described as ‘not in the least bit surprising’.

The owner of the shop, who wishes to remain nameless, has been hailed a hero for his determination to place extremely valuable items within a brick’s throw of many of Northampton’s most pleasant residents.

Grosvenor Shopping Centre tenant Mike Williams told us, “Some might say it’s foolishness, but I personally I think it’s the sort of thing you should get a medal for.”

“In a town crammed-full of Elizabeth Duke he dared to put things like Rolexes within touching distance of the sort of people who have absolutely no intention of ever paying for one.”

“He’s an inspiration to us all.”

Northampton Jewel Heist

The attempted robbery was foiled by a 71 year-old Ann Timson, who told reporters she did what any other concerned resident would do when witnessing a brave jewellery shop owner under attack.

She told reporters, “Some people will say that putting a big Rolex sign up in Northampton’s town centre is a bit like these trollops that go out on a Friday with their boobs hanging out – that he was basically asking for it.”

“But that’s not right.  Just because he’s displaying something that no-one in the immediate vacinity will ever be able to touch doesn’t give them the right just to take it.”

“What they did was like a big shiny expensive rape – and you can’t stand by and watch that sort of thing.”

“I was young once, so as far as I’m concerned he can make his shop as much of a prick-tease as he likes, good luck to him.”

See the attack on camera below: