West Brom go into hiding as Steve McLaren looks for new club

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West Brom are just one of several managerless English clubs who are in hiding after former England boss Steve McLaren was sacked from Bundesliga side Wolfsburg.

It has become increasingly difficult to contact the club since Roberto Di Matteo’s sacking and McLaren’s availability came to light.

Staff at the Midlands club have placed a large sheet over The Hawthorns and are denying all knowledge of there being a football club in the area.

“Sorry, love, there’s no one called Wes Brom here,” said a lady who answered the phone.

“No, sorry, I can’t hear you, it’s a bad line,” she continued before making a noise like a coffee percolator and hanging up.

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Steve McLaren sacked

League One side Brentford have also exercised extreme caution by taking the step of buying some curtains and turning the lights out.

“We’ve got a cardboard cut out of Big Ron to put in the dugout to create the illusion that we’ve already made an appointment,” revealed a club spokesman

Wolfsburg have issued a statement highlighting a number of factors in McLaren’s dismissal, with one of the main reasons being language problems.

“Unfortunately a number of the players can speak English,” they revealed.

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