Wasn’t I on Radio 2 already, asks Jo Whiley

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Veteran Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley was admitted to hospital suffering from shock last night after discovering that she wasn’t already broadcasting to old people on Radio 2.

Whiley told reporters, “For more than a decade now I’ve been twice the age of almost all Radio 1’s listeners.  Are you absolutely sure I was on Radio 1?”

“It seemed so unlikely any teenagers would actually be listening to me that I just assumed the producer had flicked a switch to put me out on Radio 2 after the Jeremy Vine show.”

“I thought my show was perfect to go out after him because it would make me look really fresh and exciting.”

Jo Whiley moves to Radio 2

Radio 1 bosses have also expressed surprise at finding Jo Whiley still had a show on the network.

Head of Programmes, Andy Parfitt said, “After thousands of complaints about her endless tales of baby sick and nappy changing I pulled the plug on Jo’s mid-morning Radio 1 show several years ago.”

“Security were supposed to escort her from the building, but it now seems that she gave them the slip, perhaps she spoke to them and put them into a tedium-induced coma?”

“It appears she managed to hide in a stationery cupboard where she carried on broadcasting a weekend show in a vacant time slot while everyone was too trashed from the night before to notice.”

Critics of moving Whiley to Radio 2 have compared her plight with that of former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly saying, “It’s blatant age discrimination and sexism.”

“Miriam was the same age as her viewers and yet they got rid of her. Jo was old enough to have given birth to her listeners and they sacked her too. It’s the same thing. You know, only different. But she’s a woman so it must be sexism, right?”

Jo Whiley has been replaced at Radio 1 by a wind-up gorilla which shouts “Brilliant!” and sings “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!” every time its paw is squeezed, although some experts think it might actually be Fearne Cotton.