Jan Moir expresses outrage by doing that thing she’s outraged about

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Daily Mail harridan Jan Moir this morning used her column to express her outrage at the way people are using a public platform to express their opinion about things.

Moir used her weekly diatribe to explain that using the Internet to tell people how you feel about some else’s personal tragedy is a shameful example of self-promotion, narcissism and is above all, deeply offensive – unless you are Jan Moir.

She told her reader, “Talking about a tragedy simply in the hope that it gets seen by as many people as possible is a horrendous thing to do.”

“Take me for example, I’m only mentioning Amanda Holden’s tragic miscarriage because of the way other people have mentioned it. That photo of her at the top of the page? Oh that’s just in case you didn’t know what she looked like pregnant.  It’s informative. Just like that other one further down the page.”

“No, it’s those heartless celebrities expressing their sadness and condolences on Twitter than should be ashamed of themselves – not us altruistic newspaper columnists desperately searching for something with which to whip the nation’s morons into a self-righteous frenzy.”

“Of course, such a loss is an intensely personal matter – which is why I’ve dedicated my entire column to making sure you know all the details, like how pregnant she was, which hospital she was admitted to, and the name and age of her other child.”

Jan Moir’s Bile Column

Moir went on to list the shameful celebrities who had used the Internet as their own personal self-promotion engine to say words such as ‘sending all my love and prayers’ and ‘devastated for you both, you’re in our thoughts’.

“It’s disgusting,” continued Moir, “Surely such opinions should be kept behind closed doors? The only opinion that should be in the public domain is the hate-filled invective of people employed by the Dail Mail.”

Normal person Michael Jones told us, “Let’s be clear, the real tragedy in all this is that 55 years ago Mr and Mrs Moir didn’t suffer the same fate as Amanda Holden.”

Get yours: I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader).