Peak fall man to keep ‘getting saved’

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A climber who fell 1,000ft down a Scottish mountain and still survived has told reporters that he hopes to be fit enough to be airlifted from the foot of another mountain “very soon”.

Adam Potter, 36, from Glasgow, plummeted down the near-vertical eastern slope of Sgurr Choinnich Mor near Ben Nevis after losing his footing, an activity which he is keen to get back to as soon as possible.

Potter told reporters, “The mountains are where I belong, there’s is nothing like the crisp fresh air, the breath-taking scenery, the sound of a helicopter as it’s coming to airlift you to hospital. It’s awe inspiring.”

“Being rescued by highly trained helicopter crews has become such a big part of my life, that I can’t see me giving it up any time soon just because it’s a pain in the arse to keep getting me, or because I might die.”

“People will say I’m crazy, but I bet those people haven’t been strapped into a bright orange stretcher before being winched into an RAF helicopter, have they? You simply can’t know the buzz you get if you’ve never experienced it yourself.”

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“I’ve told the guys to keep the chopper warm as I hope to be sat inside it again before the end of next month.”

Man who fell 1000ft

Mountaineering experts have praised Potters willingness to get back in the chopper, claiming such a traumatic experience often puts people off helicopters for life.

Retired rescue worker Dave Matthews told us, “Often people will never set foot on a mountain again, never mind actively seek out opportunities to be airlifted in a neck-brace whilst borderline hypothermic.”

“This man deserves a medal, or at the very least some sort of psychiatric evaluation.”

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