British holiday makers warned Egypt still better than Bognor Regis

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British Holiday makers considering holidays in the UK have been warned that no matter what they see on television, Egypt is still miles better than Bognor Regis.

The nation’s televisions have been filled with scenes of rioting and protest on the streets of Egypt, forcing some holiday makers to consider a break in the UK instead – a knee-jerk reaction experts are warning against.

Travel Agent Miles Donaldson told us, “Sure, it might look bad on television, but let’s not forget that it’s also it’s quite sunny and warm over there, and it’s not called Bognor.”

“An Egypt holiday might see you embroiled in the violent protests of a nation seeking a true democracy, but at least a night on the town won’t end with you getting a dose of the clap.”

“You can go for crap weather, piss poor service, and shit facilities – or you can take your chances in a nice sunny country on the brink of civil war.  I know which I’d choose.”

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Egypt riots

Holiday maker Sean Williams told us, “I’m looking to book something at the moment, but if I’m going to see someone trying to turn over a car and set fire to it, I want to it to be because of a deep-seated desire for change in a country riddled with corruption, not because someone is making them pay for their own university course.”

“They keep telling me that Bognor Regis is a ‘traditional’ British seaside resort – but why should adding the word traditional make it even remotely attractive?”

“Abu Ghraib is a traditional terrorist holding facility, but you wouldn’t want to go there, would you?”

“Nope, get me to Cairo – sharpish.”