UK fraud costs every adult the equivalent of clearing wisteria from a millionaire’s drive, reveals NFA

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The National Fraud Authority (NFA) has said that if the total cost of UK fraud is £765 for every adult, which is roughly the equivalent cost of clearing troublesome wisteria from a multi-millionaires driveway.

Francis Maude, who claimed almost £35,000 in two years for mortgage interest payments on a London flat when he owned a house just a few hundred yards away, said the £21bn cost of public sector fraud could pay for 12,765,957 five foot tall floating duck houses or cover the mortgage on his second home for a total of 1,200,000 years.

Maude, whose name coincidentally rhymes with fraud, insisted, “Fraud affects every government department and impacts on the government’s ability to ensure that its members have stunning gardens and fabulous houses.”

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Bernard Herdan, of the NFA, said “Fraudsters are always developing new techniques for carrying out their activities, and their scams are becoming more elaborate.”

“For example, we have evidence that some fraudsters are going as far as attending public schools, going to Oxford University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and then gaining the public’s trust by making outlandish promises that they have no intention of keeping.”

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“Everyone should be on their guard when confronted with these bastards.”

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