Guardian to unveil further football exclusives after securing rights to their own opinion

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The Guardian website is to continue its policy of publishing exclusive football stories, after securing the rights to more of their own opinions on what they think might happen at some point in the future.

After setting Twitter alight by breaking the news that they think Inter Milan might be considering bidding for Gareth Bale in five months time, further exclusive opinions are expected imminently.

Football fan Graham Williams said, “I waited breathlessly for their exclusive story at 5:30pm, and I have to say I’m not disappointed.”

“Who doesn’t love a good transfer rumour purporting to be an exclusive story? It’s what the Internet was invented for.”

“If I wanted to read about things that are happening now I’d read a proper paper, but if ‘vague possibilities of things that might happen at a later date and probably this year’ are your thing, then get yourself to the Guardian website.”

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Guardian exclusive Gareth Bale rumour

Guardian sports editor Ian Prior said the story is the first in a long list of topics on which he has a vague opinion about what might happen down the line.

“I’m working on another exclusive about this strong opinion I have that Manchester City will spend a lot of money in the summer, trust me, you can take that one to the bank.”

Sun editor Dominic Mohan said, “This is outrageous, how can they possibly try and pass off a vague rumour like this one as an exclusive story? That’s our domain, and everyone knows it.”

“If they do it again we’ll be left with no option but to retaliate by writing lengthy turgid pieces in which we criticise Israel.”