Andy Murray on verge of historic disappointment

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After moving into the semi-finals of the Australian open, Andy Murray has put himself within touching distance of a historic double in securing back-to-back defeats at the final hurdle.

Murray, Britain’s number 1 and the World number 5, is seeking a repeat of his 2010 Australian Open performance which saw him lose in straight sets in the final to that Swiss guy who is actually much better than him at tennis.

Commentator and former professional tennis disappointment Sue Barker told viewers, “What we’re seeing here is history being made.  Losing back-to-back finals is something that will be talked about long after Andy has hung up his tennis racket.”

“He really is on the brink of something special here. Fans can easily look past his sullen demeanour when he’s providing such memorable moments of sporting misery.”

Murray reaches Australian Open semi-final

Murray’s path to his latest disappointment has been fairly smooth, though some experts suggest that losing only one set so far has not provided the best preparation for losing three of them in one of his next two games.

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His former coach Miles Maclagan said, “What we are looking at here is an on-form Andy Murray, who has so far looked completely untroubled throughout the tournament – which is why this next disappointment will be so significant.”

“He looks fit, confident, and just about ready to burst with anguish when he gets beaten in the next few days.”

“If he could lose in the final at Wimbledon too I’d say he was a shoe-in for Sports Personality of The Year 2011.”

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