MTV launches highly-anticipated new show ‘Grimsby Shore’

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MTV has announced the eagerly-anticipated UK version of the highly successful US show Jersey Shore, by bringing the format to the cultural hotbed of North-East England, Grimsby.

The new show is due out this summer, and MTV are already seeking residents of Grimsby who might willing to take part in the show and demonstrate to the world what life in an English coastal region is really like.

An MTV spokesperson said, “Jersey Shore has put Jersey on the map, and feel this will do the same for Grimsby.  And fortunately, they still haven’t invented a television which can transmit smells.

“To be honest, it was a toss up between this, or ‘The Only Way Is Cleethorpes’. Though I’m sure we’ve picked a winner.

“So if you have what it takes to show the world why Grimsby is the place to be, and have a complete willingness to look like a tit on national television, then we want to hear from you.”

Jersey Shore in the UK

Critics have suggested that the impending development of Grimsby Shore signals the nation’s complete and utter cultural annihilation and a miraculous lowering of television standards thought impossible after the demise of Big Brother.

One viewer explained, “Yes, I’m sure it will have all the magic of Jersey Shore – just without any of the sunshine or the attractive people.”

Another said, “It’s just what we need, another programme that will make ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ look like the South Bank Show.”

“If we are living in a world where the prospect of Grimsby Shore genuinely excites the nation, then I can’t help but feel like maybe Al Qaeda have the right idea.”