Anti-nonce phone app only spots literate paedos, claim experts

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A new software app designed to protect children against predatory adults might only detect those perverts who can spell and structure their sentences correctly, experts claimed last night.

The ‘ChildDefence’ application, which can be downloaded to a child’s mobile, works by analysing patterns in text messages and the number of typos to determine whether the sender is a child, or a grown adult with a basic grasp of English grammar – such as a paedophile.

Should any message be structured correctly, an image of a typical paedophile wearing glasses and a long raincoat is then returned to the child’s mobile phone bearing the message “The person you are talking to is probably an adult sex pervert with GCSE English at Grade C or above. Do you want to continue. Yes or No?”

But experts fear children may still be at risk from sickos with literacy skills at a level much like their prey.

As one child protection officer told us, “With education standards as they are in this country’s state schools, you have to assume that a large proportion of our paedophiles communicate much like an eleven year old child anyway.”

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“As such they will pass this application’s tests with flying colours.  Without even realising it.”

Paedophile spotting mobile app

Devious sexual predators with an adequate education are already busy trying to fool the new app, using a mixture of probing questions and age-appropriate ‘banter’.

One such intercepted message read, “Andre sux. McFly rools. When do your parents take their annual vacation? I am 16 and well-hung. Massive LOL. ”

Developers of the app have rejected criticism, telling us, “Are you suggesting that sexual predators have become skilled enough at impersonating a child that they could fool a phone application built by middle-aged men?”

“How utterly preposterous.”

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