Redknapp lauds ‘outstanding’ one touch performance of Spanish muggers

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has lauded the ‘outstanding’ one touch tiki-taka performance of the muggers who robbed him in Madrid, claiming their slick movement was some of the most productive he had ever witnessed.

Redknapp, 63, who was with his assistant Kevin Bond to see the Spanish capital’s two main teams, Real and Athletico play in the Copa del Rey, believes English muggers could benefit from adopting some elements of the one touch street game adopted by their continental counterparts.

“The Spanish boys were all over us, as you would expect in a six v two situation.” said Redknapp

“I was very impressed with how the they went about the business of shoring me of everything in my possession with some of the deftest, one touch stuff I’ve ever seen.”

“Or should I say, didn’t see.”

“They came at us using a really slick, pressing game – and to be fair, they never gave us a moments peace, picking our pockets on several occasions.”

“But it was entirely bloodless. Their English counterparts could learn a thing or two from that – in the modern game there really is no need to stick the big lad up front and let him beat the opposition into submission.”

Harry Redknapp mugged

Redknapp went on to cause controversy by suggesting he probably should have gone down when feeling a slight tug on his overcoat administered by his quicker thinking assailants.

“There was minimal contact, but enough to put me off securing the contents of my pockets. You might call it a dive, but I probably should have gone down as soon as I felt a tug.”

“But you know, it was a home fixture for them, the crowd were clearly on their side so there was no I way I’d have got the kind of reaction I was looking for.”

“I chose to set an example to the kids of how important it is to stay on your feet and give everything you’ve got.”

“And if everything I’ve got means some of the perfectly legitimate wads of cash I always seem to have on me, then so be it.”