App store downloads reach 10 billion, what do you think?

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The Apple iTunes App Store provided its ten billionth application download over the weekend, a milestone reached in just 30 months since its launch in July 2008.

Providing downloads for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the app store has grown dramatically over the last 12 months with 7 billion downloads coming in 2010 alone.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about Apple’s increasing dominance in the world of mobile applications.

Woman on the Street“Ten billion? Is that all? Judging by the amount of apps he’s shown me, I’m pretty sure my mate Dave has got that many all on his own.”

Rich Dawson, Nokia owner

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Man on the Street“Impressive stuff from Apple, who knew the ‘novelty tat for morons’ market was quite so lucrative?”

Deborah Jones, Analyst

Man on the Street“Sure, ten billion apps might have made the people at Apple a lot of money, but are they truly happy? What, they are? Oh.”

Mike Gillingham, Recluse

Woman on the Street

“I’m proud to tell you that my free ‘How Long Is Your Post Office Queue’ app played its part in that success, because without it they’d be stuck on 9,999,999,997 app downloads.”

Sheila Gates, Developer