Incidents of people being bothered to report a crime down 7%

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The latest government crime statistics have shown that the number of people who can be bothered to report a crime they know won’t get solved anyway, is down 7%.

Recorded crime in England and Wales fell 7% in the year to September, suggesting people have finally recognised the futility of reporting minor crimes.

One Manchester resident told us, “I had my bike nicked, but what’s the point in reporting it? The police will never get it back, and my insurance premiums will go up as a result.  Frankly I’m better off keeping my mouth shut.”

Another said, “A couple of years ago someone keyed my car in a pub car park, the guilty party was ever found, obviously and my insurance premium went up by the exact cost of the repair – surprise surprise.”

“So no, when it happened again, I didn’t report it.  But if that makes everyone feel like there is less crime about, then great, let’s all sleep well in our beds tonight.”

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Reported crime down 7%

There have been criticisms of the current measure, suggesting that it doesn’t actually track crime, only the people who can be bothered to report it.

Victim Dorothy James told us, “I think we should look for a more accurate measure of crime in this country – let’s stop looking at the victims, but at the people who are benefiting instead.”

“How much money have criminals made this year compared to last?”

“I mean all of them here, muggers, petty thieves, investment bankers.  The lot.  The current figures suggest two stolen laptops are worse than someone stealing billions from the taxpayer to prop up a culture of dangerous risk-taking and obscene bonuses. Is that right?”

“Let’s track the proceeds, only then will we know if crime is really down – but I think we all know the real answer to that question anyway.”

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