Family to take up front-line politics to avoid spending more time with Alan Johnson

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The family of Alan Johnson has suggested they are looking for a role in front-line politics to avoid spending more time with the recently resigned former Shadow Chancellor.

The move comes after a resignation for personal reasons that was designed to allow Johnson to spend more time with a family that were apparently quite happy with the situation.

A Family friend told us, “They’re not expecting to walking straight into the cabinet, but there must be some junior ministerial role they could take which could keep them out of the home for eighteen or so hours a day?”

“People never think of the families in situations like this.  Sure, leaving to spend time with the family sounds lovely in an interview, but what if you’re in that family and had everything just as you wanted it?”

“Sure, he might have improved the economic understanding in the shadow cabinet, but it’s a pain in the arse for Mrs Johnson.”

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Alan Johnson resigns

The resignation has disappointed some partly loyalists, who feel it weakens them at a time when they should be focusing on attacking the coalition government.

Labour party supporter Judith Williams told us, “Now, I’m normally a fan of seeing more Balls, but in this case I’m sure people would rather see more Johnson, stood there proud and erect.”

All is not lost however, as Alan Johnson has already said he might be interested in a return to the front-line in the future, particularly something in law and order.

He told a source, “Put me in charge of the officers assigned to protect MPs, that’s where I can do the most good, definitely.”