Vatican letter shows ‘Paedophiles not keen on being identified as paedophiles’

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A 1997 letter from the Vatican to Ireland’s Catholic Bishops has proven once and for all that paedophiles aren’t all that keen on being identified as paedophiles.

Obtained by Irish broadcaster RTE, the letter shows Vatican officials rejected an initiative to report all priests accused of abuse, insisting that ‘paedophile is such an ugly word’, and that ‘perhaps we should just leave it all well enough alone?’.

Campaigners for child abuse victims insist this is the proof needed to show that paedophiles aren’t as proud of the title as some have suggested.

Spokesperson Gary Matthews told us, “People talk about ‘paedophile rings’, and their use of ‘social networking’, but we’ve always felt that paedophiles are actually quite secretive and prefer not to be known as such. This letter finally proves it.”

“This official Vatican communication is the smoking gun we’ve been looking for.  Finally we can say with complete certainty that people who prey on young boys aren’t particularly enamoured with the idea of everyone knowing they prey on young boys.”

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Vatican paedophile letter

The Vatican’s letter states that ‘mandatory reporting’ of priests accused of molestation could lead to children who were molested by priests telling everyone that they were molested by priest.

“And that’s just one step away from everyone knowing that our priests molested children,” the letter continues.

A Vatican spokesperson insisted that the 1997 letter did not reflect the modern view of the Catholic Church, which it says is to insist that paedophile priests are probably undercover homosexuals, which they claim is far, far worse.

“And anyway, any kids that were abused before 1997 are all adults now, so can we really still call it paedophilia? I think not.”

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