Liz Jones urged to recreate last 24 years of Elizabeth Fritzl’s captivity

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Following her incredible expose of the issues Jo Yeates’ murderer faced in getting the correct change to cross the Clifton suspension bridge, Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones has been encouraged to relive the last 24 years of Elizabeth Fritzl’s captivity.

Jones’ excellent piece for the Daily Mail, in which she relived the last few hours of Jo’s life, pointing out how it’s a shame she didn’t visit a better pub that could spell ‘Laurent Perrier’, and how you can’t cross a bridge using buttons, has led to calls for more heart-warming journalism from the 53 year-old.

Daily Mail reader Jane Williams said, “It was heart-breaking to read Liz’s words.  She really brought to life what it’s like to be a journalist writing a story about a murder absolutely no-one has forgotten about yet.”

“We need more of this kind of reporting, definitely. Liz has a unique gift for bringing out the important emotional points in any story, something which I don’t feel has been sufficiently covered in the case of Elizabeth Fritzl.”

“What I’d like to read is Liz’s unique take on her final twenty-four years in isolated captivity – with the all of the enthralling details that only Liz Jones can provide.”

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Liz Jones Jo Yeates article

Other Daily Mail readers have joined the calls for further Liz Jones articles on the final years of well-known crime victims such as Elizabeth Fritzl.

“We have to know,” said Sean Matthews, “What was it like to look at those walls for days, weeks, months and years on end?”

“Why aren’t more people stopping by to look at the place where all those rapes took place? What was the spelling like inside the Fritzl basement? These are the questions myself and thousands of other Daily Mail readers need answering.”

“I think we can only truly understand what Elizabeth Fritzl went through during those twenty-four years if Liz Jones recreates them by locking herself away for quarter of a century and publishes her findings in the Daily Mail sometime in early 2035.”

“If she really wants to immerse herself in Ms Fritz’s last few years down there, I’ll happily throw away the key.”

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