Children as young as 10 ‘exploited by organised groups of magazine publishers’

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Children as young as ten are being sexualised before puberty by organised gangs of magazine publishers who are committed to exploiting the vulnerability of those kids brought up on a diet of late night telly and parental neglect.

Magazine’s such as Girlslife concentrate wholly on the glorification of short skirts and breast implants for those girls whose cleavages disappointingly insist on adhering to the biological norm for someone their age.

Arthur Mind, publisher of several pre-teens publications, denied accusations of exploitation, insisting his publications filled the gap between what young children wanted to read, and the things their parents don’t want them to know until they have reached at least sixteen.

He told reporters, “We’re not forcing anyone to do anything. These children are reading our magazines of their own free will, and can stop any time they like, though of course they would miss next month’s feature with 101 ways to get Justin Beiber’s phone number.”

“The modern child knows more about matters of a sexual nature than their parents do, so talk of exploitation is a bit extreme, don’t you think?”

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“Why should we talk about cartoons and teddy bears? Why not talk about make up, how many sleeping partners you should realistically target by sixteen and when you should start taking the pill.”

Exploitation of ten year-olds

Parents groups have expressed concern, and asked the government for help, with one parent telling us, “Our children are being groomed and exploited by these heartless groups, and all before they’re even ten.”

“It’s almost as if the government actually wants a country full of people who believe everything they see written down in front of them, and form their opinions accordingly.”

Mind defended his industry, telling us, “I think ‘grooming’ is too strong a term.  If anything we’re ‘preparing’ them for an inevitable lifetime spent entirely dependent on trash articles about the latest cosmetic surgery, which actor is banging which actress, and how to lose ten pounds whilst you sleep.”

Ashling Martin, a ten-year-old from Basildon, said she was finding it very difficult to find a girls magazine that catered for her favourite topic, dolls.

“They only thing I am interested in is dolls. Not boys, not what’s the best contraceptive for teenagers or push up bra’s, just dolls.”

“But the only dolls I can find with magazines for my age group have a hole between the legs which daddy quickly confiscated from me.”

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