Conman who devised Nectar points programme facing jail

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The man who devised a complicated scam which conned millions of customers into frivolously making purchases in the belief they would be accruing Nectar ‘points’ to earn similarly frivolous products is facing a jail term.

Mark Net, who created the Nectar card reward scheme, is said to have hoodwinked many regular shoppers into the scam, which ostensibly encourages people to return to shops time and again just so they can add a few numbers to a non-existent currency which roughly equates to a free pound for every £209 spent.

Regular shopper, Mary Ball, said she was disgusted to learn how much of her own money would need to be spent to accrue a solitary pound under the scheme many consumer watchdogs are calling ‘horrifying’.

She told us, “I would earn more money searching down the backs of all the sofas in my local furniture store than I would do spending my money in these places.”

“I used to think it was OK to buy up two years worth of bog roll because they were offering double the nectar points if i did so, but it turns out the overall reward for that purchase was 35p. I feel cheated.”

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“I’m delighted that the man who came up with this idea is going to prison, it’s the best place for him.”

Nectar Points Theft

Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Wilfred Pitt dismissed customer concerns, insisting that surely everybody knew from the start it was just a big con.

“This was rolled out for the novelty factor, clearly.”

“I mean, everyone loves playing Monopoly right? They grab a hold of a big wad of notes and flash them around like they are a local drug dealer, but they know full well they have no value in the real world.”

“It’s exactly the same with Nectar points.”

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