Calls for rule change as abortions continue to make women miss Eastenders

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The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is seeking a change in the law so women can complete their early abortion without the need to miss their favourite television shows.

Current rules dictate that any woman seeking an early abortion must return to the clinic twice in order to receive both required pills, but the pro-choice charity is hoping to change that rule which will allow more efficient multi-tasking alongside foetus disposal.

A spokesperson said, “We feel that as well as a woman’s right to control her body, she should also have the right to do something a bit more interesting while aborting her early stage pregnancy.”

“Visiting a clinic twice is a bit of an over-kill, if you’ll excuse the pun, especially when the soaps are so exciting at the moment.”

“We advocate women taking the second pill at home, whilst making dinner, or maybe watching Loose Women.”

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Abortion Pill reform

However medical professionals have insisted the rules regarding two mandatory clinic visits are there for a very good reason.

As one doctor explained, “Taking a pill is a complicated procedure.  There’s the lifting of the pill, putting it in that small hole towards the bottom of your face, and contracting the throat muscles in the appropriate manner to ensure it reaches the stomach.”

“So much could go wrong without in-person medical guidance.”

“I don’t care how stretched our medical resources get, watching a woman swallow a pill in exactly the same way she’s been doing her entire life is an extremely worthwhile way to spend tax payers money.”

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