Sarah Palin criticised for use of violent rhetoric, what do you think?

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In light of the recent shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has been criticised for her use of gun-sights and gun-related rhetoric in her recent political campaigns.

As well as using gun-sights to highlight regions for her campaigners to target – including the Arizona District held by Congresswoman Giffords – she also tweeted to her followers, “Don’t retreat, instead : RELOAD!” after last year’s elections.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about Palin’s controversial use of such gun-related terms in world of American politics.

Woman on the Street“Don’t be silly, you can’t blame Sarah Palin for the shooting. Glock 9mm handguns – like that used by Loughner – don’t use gun-sights. Every five year-old American child knows that.”

Mike Williams, Gun Enthusiast

Man on the Street“If she’d used penises on that map I suppose her critics would say she’d been responsible for all the sex in Arizona, right?”

Michelle Duberry, Counsellor

Man on the Street“I’d suggest her eagerness to put targets all over the place makes her the perfect person to be in command of the big red button in the Oval Office.”

Will Chambers, Republican sympathiser

Woman on the Street

“That’s no reason to blame her for the Arizona incident. Anyone who has seen her TV show knows that anything in her gun-sight will never come to any harm. She can’t shoot for shit.”

Jane Simpson, Hunter

Happy Man

“Sure, it’s just like America to focus on the cross-hairs on domestic targets, but no-one has mentioned that for weeks now she’s been scratching big red targets into every photo of Julian Assange she sees.”

John Davies, Painter