PFA to punish Babel for posting photo of something other than his genitals

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The Professional Footballers Association is to punish Liverpool’s Ryan Babel for bringing the professional ranks into disrepute after he posted a picture on the Internet of something other than his genitals.

Babel was rebuked for posting a photo of Howard Webb MBE controversially photoshopped to show him wearing an impartial referees uniform, much the to amusement of his thousands of Twitter followers.

A PFA spokesperson told us, “We can’t condone this type of behaviour. Our members have spent years developing an online reputation which could be ruined if players continue to post things that are merely ‘funny’.”

“We actively encourage the sending of x-rated photos to a plethora of fame-hungry skanks, but the moment you post a ‘joke’ we’ll prosecute you with the full force of the ridiculous rules we have in place.”

“I mean, that photo is rubbish anyway, the referee uniform on Howard Webb has clearly been drawn in by an imbecile.”

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Ryan Babel Twitter Photo

Babel’s fellow footballers have come to his defence, pointing out that it is first indiscretion, and insisting that they’ve all been tempted to post a joke from time to time.

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole said, “This one time, I had a belter of a gag about Princess Diana, but thankfully I came to my senses before I posted it, and instead sent a perfectly acceptable photo of my ball-sack to someone I met at Chinawhite.”

Babel has apologised to fans for his lapse in judgement, and promised to adhere more closely to the footballer stereotype in future.

He added on his Twitter account, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.  In the meantime, here’s a close up of my glistening banjo string.”

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