Mosley seeks privacy law change to ensure reporters only cover ‘reputation enhancing’ stories

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Ex-world Motorsport boss Max Mosley is heading to the European Court in a bid to reform celebrity privacy laws to ensure that only stories that significantly enhance the reputation of those in the public eye are reported on by media outlets.

He will make a case for prior notification, whereby celebrities at the heart of the story will be approached by the UK press before running the story, allowing the celebrity in question the opportunity to bind and gag those family members who may be most seriously affected by the unnecessarily honest nature of any ill-gotten piece.

A victory for Mosley could bring about the end of kiss-and-tell stories that have been the bread and butter of irascible sluts too lazy to spread their legs full time.

Sally Bernhardt, a renowned kiss and teller of such profligacy that she has learned to talk while kissing to maximise her profits, has said the move may have serious implications for the ex Motorsport Chief.

“If he thinks all those women just turned up to cavort with him because of the sexy way his skin hangs from his face then he is in serious trouble.”

“Sure, he might keep future engagements out of the papers, but trust me, they’re going to cost him an awful lot more.  If it weren’t for kiss-and-tell debauchery, I doubt he’d find any way of partaking in any Nazi-free debauchery whatsoever.”

Max Mosely Privacy Laws

NOTW Editor Rob Marley said he fully expected Mosley to win the case, forcing many kiss-and-tell professionals into the ranks of the unemployed.

He told anyone who’d listen, “Mr Mosley clearly hasn’t considered the economic implications of this case.”

“Both for those kiss-and-tell workers he will be putting out of a job, and for the papers people will no longer buy because they don’t contain grainy photographs of him in a dungeon somewhere being punished by a stern looking Fräulein.”

“It’s taste and decency gone made, I tell you.”