EastEnders viewers accused of unrealistically swapping Ronnie Branning for Samantha Womack

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Viewers of popular soap opera EastEnders have been accused of unrealistically swapping one of its prominent characters with the actress who plays her, allowing them to abuse her in the street.

Viewers have been left completely flummoxed by Samantha Womack’s uncanny facial resemblance to the character that she plays in the long-running soap.

“It’s not just her face,” revealed one viewer. “I heard her on the radio once and her voice is identical!”

“It’s no wonder that people are abusing her in the street if she looks and sounds like the character she’s playing.”

Eastenders complaints

The actress, whose character has been involved in a controversial baby swap plot which has prompted thousands of complaints from people who haven’t worked out how to use a remote control , is leaving the show in the next few months.

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“She can’t just leave the show though can she? ” Questioned one incredulous soap fan.

“What about the baby? Surely the police will get involved? She’ll end up in Walford jail I reckon.”

Womack’s agent Michael Wiggs denied the actress was leaving because of the storyline “There’s no truth whatsoever in any suggestion she is quitting Eastenders over the current storyline”

“After all she’s a Mitchell, and Mitchells don’t quit nuffink!”

“Now, who fancies going to The Queen Vic for a pint followed by a curry at the Argy Bhaji?”

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