England win The Ashes, what do you think?

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England have completed a 3-1 Ashes series victory over Australia after inflicting another innings defeat in the final Sydney test.

The result is the first time in 24 years that England have won the Ashes in Australia, and marks a stark turnaround from the team that lost 5-0 in the same series just four years ago.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about England’s victory against the old enemy.

Woman on the Street“Man, as a Fulham fan I never get to gloat, so if only I’d known this was going to happen I’d have made friends with all those Australian barmen that have served me over the years.”

Dave Williams, London

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Man on the Street“I’m not really a follower of cricket, but whose ashes are they fighting for? Is it Jesus’?”

Janice Flintoff, Leeds

Man on the Street“What, it’s over?! I’ve got used to turning up at ten every day, what am I going to blame my office tardiness on now?”

James Warne, Birmingham

Woman on the Street

“I really can’t get into cricket.  I mean, they wear far too many clothes for a start.  Give me a shout when they start wearing lycra shorts.”

Emily Spencer, Manchester

Happy Man

“Man, this is awesome news! I can’t wait to see a picture of them celebrating at 10 Downing Street with David Cameron.”

Mike Nolan, Bristol

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