Microsoft to make mobile phones as frustrating as PCs

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Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windows will be able to bring its special brand of arse-tearing frustration to mobile phones, as well as PCs.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft unveiled a version of Windows 7 running on chips found in mobile phones, once again raising the spectre of an incredibly powerful and ultimately unusable Microsoft phone.

In his opening address at the tech industry event, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer told the audience, “The gap between the experience you get on a PC and on a phone is about to shrink dramatically, soon you will be able to tear-up in dismay at our product’s performance regardless of your location, or device.”

“If you think mobile phones are difficult to use now, you just wait until you’ve got Windows 8 in your pocket.”

Microsoft at CES 2011

Industry analysts have suggested that the move to put full Windows on a mobile device might be looked back upon as a master stroke by the world’s largest software company.

CES attendee Cliff Williams told us, “It’s a very clever strategy from Microsoft.  The disparity between efficient mobile operating systems, and clunky unreliable desktops has grown to a frankly embarrassing level.”

“The only way to address this gap, is to vastly improve desktop operating systems – or to make mobile operating systems worse.”

“Fortunately for all share-holders is seems that Microsoft is going for the significantly cheaper option.”