Calls for Herman Melville classic to be renamed Moby Penis

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After the editing of Huckleberry Finn to remove the word ‘nigger’, parents groups have asked for the Herman Melville classic whale story to be renamed ‘Moby Penis’.

The call is the latest in a succession of editing requests from morons who fear that the words on a page could distort the minds of impressionable children.

One such parent told reporters, “The word Dick is offensive to so many people, I can’t believe a book aimed at children can contain so many mentions of it.”

“It’s even right there on the cover, it’s disgusting. I’m only surprised they fell short of including a massive phallic symbol.

Moby Penis

Parents have said they are happy to compromise, given that the eponymous whale is referred to with its correct title of ‘sperm whale’.

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“They could have used ‘spunk fish’ or ‘cum dolphin’ to describe him, so I guess we should be pleased.”

“So in continuing that theme, we are advocating the correct medical term for the male genitalia, but we would be equally happy with Moby Winky or Moby Tinkle.”

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