There’s clearly nothing wrong with your eyesight, viewers tell Adrian Chiles

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After Adrian Chiles confessed that he finds the sight of himself on television ‘repellent’, millions of viewers have suggested he probably won’t be needing an eye test any time soon.

Chiles told the Radio Times he rarely watches himself on television, and then only does so if he has a bucket nearby and isn’t wearing anything that requires dry-cleaning.

He said, “I can’t watch myself at all. I’m at a complete loss as to why ITV pay me millions of pounds a year to sit on your screens inducing violent fits of vomiting all around the country.”

“The one good thing about being on live television, is I can’t be on live television and actually watch myself at the same time.  I caught myself in a studio monitor once, and we had to cut to an outside broadcast while they cleaned up the mess.”

“I know most people don’t find themselves particularly pleasant to look at, but Jesus wept, I am truly hideous aren’t I?”

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Adrian Chiles repellent

Chiles’ comments have received the backing of viewers everywhere, with many impressed by his impeccable ocular abilities.

Former Daybreak viewer Shane Williams told us, “I might not like anything he does, or anything he says, but blimey, that man has got an excellent pair of eyes on him.”

“He might make crap television shows, but he sure knows a slapped arse when he sees one.”

“If they start giving out TV awards for presenters with the best vision, I’d put money on Adrian Chiles being a worthy winner.”

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