Referee Howard Webb awarded MBE for services to Manchester United

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World Cup Final referee Howard Webb has been recognised by Queen Elizabeth II in the New Year Honours list for his selfless and dedicated work to Manchester United.

The police sergeant from Rotherham has been known to do everything in his power for the England’s biggest club, including sending opposing players off for unknown reasons, and most famously for giving them an inexplicable penalty when two goals down against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford two years ago.

“He’s done so much for us,” admitted Sir Bobby Charlton. “That penalty against Spurs turned the game for us and undoubtedly won us the league that year. It’s his almost magical ability to conjure a United goal out of nothing that really sets him apart from other referees.”

“He’s been our twelfth on so many occasions so he really deserves his MBE.”

“I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than our Howard. There’s no doubt that he’ll go down as an Old Trafford legend along with like Sir Matt and Sir Alex.”

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Howard Webb MBE

Sir Alex Ferguson was full of praise for Webb, and said he fully deserved his place on the New Year Honours list.

“He’s one of the best players we’ve had in recent years. Cristiano Ronaldo may have been our top scorer that year but no one was more valuable to the side than Webby. He was worth at least twenty points for us.”

“A lot of people thought that we’d miss Cristiano when he left for Madrid at the end of that year but people seem to somehow forget that we always had the referee on our side, so it made bugger all difference.”

Now that Mr Webb has been recognised by the Queen, Manchester United fans have called for their club to do the same, perhaps having him a testimonial in his name.

“I’m not against the idea, myself,” said a fans representative, “but I think we could so much more for such a faithful servant. Some people think that we should rename the Stretford End after Webby but I still don’t think it’s enough.”

“I think we should erect a statue for him and maybe put it beside the one of Sir Matt, though personally I think it’d be best alongside the one of Bestie, Law and Charlton. That’s where he belongs.”