That’s uncanny, we were just thinking about sport, thousands facing redundancy tell Queen

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The tens of thousands of people facing uncertain futures in the new year as cuts and redundancies loom have fully endorsed the Queen using her Christmas message to highlight the importance of sport.

In her speech the Queen emphasised how sport can be used to build communities and create harmony, but failed to point out that it doesn’t pay the bills.

“It was amazing how the Queen seemed so in tune with what I was thinking myself,” revealed public sector worker Paul Giddens from Chatham.

“I was just telling the wife about how sporting activities are common throughout the world and play a part in providing a different perspective on life, when bang! The Queen said the exact same thing.”

“The wife wasn’t too interested though as she was too busy trying to work out how we were going to pay the bills we racked up making sure the kids had a nice christmas.”

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“I dunno, women aay” He added shaking his head.

Queen’s Speech

Some people weren’t so impressed with the Queen’s message with 3 year-old Freddie Thompson blasting “Why the doesn’t she search her tiny brain for something of relevence to say instead of reading what she’s told in the vain hope that people will suddenly become interested in sport.”

“Even a 2 year-old can see through the fact that all her speech was designed to do was drag people out of the apathy they feel about the 2012 Olympics.”

“We’ve got more important things to worry about you know.”

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