God surprises us by pretending he’s not there, says Pope

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The Pope has used his Radio 4 Thought For The Day radio address to explain how God surprises us all of the time by essentially pretending not to exist.

The Pope was given the opportunity to address the Radio 4 audience after months of negotiations between the Vatican and the BBC in which promises were made not to mention all the child abuse.

The address began with the Pope asking the audience a question, explaining, “If you were an all powerful benevolent deity, the normal thing to do would be to get involved in everything, wouldn’t it?”

“Stopping the starvation of innocent children, preventing wars, halting natural disasters, that sort of thing.  So actually, the surprising way to behave is to sit back and never do anything.  It keeps us guessing.”

“It must be quite hard to sit up there on your hands all day, if anything it makes me have more respect for him.”

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Radio 4 Pope address

The Pope went on, “God is all about surprises.  Think about how he communicates.  We’ve got phones, the Internet, Twitter,  yet he chooses to communicate by putting his child’s faces in Marmite jars. I’m sure you’d agree that this is quite surprising.”

The Pope went on to give real world examples of similar surprises that we see all around us.

“If you saw an old lady mugged by a scrawny teenager right under the nose of a seven foot cage fighter, who did nothing about it, that would be surprising, wouldn’t it?”

“Well God is basically doing the same thing.”

“Oh, and Merry Christmas.  Don’t forget to give generously when the collection plate comes round, we need the money.”

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