Pope to provide additional Christmas message for people to completely ignore

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The BBC have announced that they will broadcast a Christmas message from the Pope especially recorded for the UK, providing people the opportunity to completely ignore two out of touch idiots over the festive period.

The message, which will be broadcast on the Thought For The Day programme on Radio 4 tomorrow, will provide people with a practice run for completely ignoring the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.

“It’s traditional in our house to completely miss the Queen’s message on Christmas day,” revealed Keith Wilson from Aylesbury.

“We normally try and miss her at about 3pm, and then ignore her again on Sky+ later in the day.”

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the ignoring of people who absolutely can not relate to you in any way, shape or form.”

“So having the opportunity to completely miss the Pope asking us to consider the meaning of the alleged birth of someone who almost certainly wasn’t called Jesus Christ will make this year really special.”

Pope Christmas message

Gwyneth Williams, the controller of BBC Radio 4, said, “I’m delighted Pope Benedict is sharing what will amount to 3 minutes of dead air with the Radio 4 audience.”

Other families across the country have expressed their delight at the prospect of completely ignoring whatever it is that either the Queen or Pope have got to say.

“Shit, we haven’t got any batteries. This thing definitely needs batteries.” revealed one.

“What time is Jason and the Argonauts on?” asked another.