Haitians raising funds to replace sad clown ornament smashed in Cumbrian earthquake

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Haiti has urged its inhabitants to dig deep to raise money to replace a sad clown ornament that has been completely destroyed by the small earthquake that has struck Cumbria.

The ornament, which belonged to Edith Frampton from Carlisle, fell from the mantelpiece leaving a trail of devastation across her living room carpet, that required a clean-up operation that took in the region forty-five minutes.

“It completely shattered,” revealed a clearly upset Mrs Frampton.

“There were bits everywhere. I think I’ll probably still be coming across little bits well into the Christmas holidays.”

“It’s not the incident itself that has upset me, but the aftermath.”

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Cumbrian Earthquake

Rene Preval, the President of Haiti, spoke of his shock at the news and expressed his sympathies to Mrs Frampton for her loss.

“I think I speak for Haiti when I say that the pictures we have seen here of the sad clown ornament lying in pieces across Mrs Frampton’s carpet have affected everyone.”

“It is of course difficult to get a true sense of the suffering by viewing images on the TV, but she is in our hearts.”

Haitian musician and record producer Wyclef Jean is to release a version of The Four Tops’ Loco in Acapulco, which will be accompanied by a video featuring black and white shots of broken crockery.

All profits will go towards a fund set up to replace the sad clown ornament.