Anti-baldness drug users given choice in reason they don’t get to have sex

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Young men suffering from baldness have been offered a new choice in the reason why they don’t get to have sex with the introduction of a drug that will provide them with a full, lush head of hair and impotency.

The choice of not getting laid because you’re repugnant to the opposite sex or because you are incapable of getting an erection has been greeted by sufferers of hair loss, who are happy that they get a say in why women want absolutely nothing to do with them.

“The choice of whether women laugh at me on the street or in the bedroom is something that I could previously only dream about.” revealed one upbeat slaphead.

“I feel newly empowered, finally able to take control of the major disappointments in my life and to choose which one will leave me clinically depressed over the festive period.”

Propecia impotence concerns

Finasteride, sold in the UK as Propecia, is proving a popular choice amongst men who prefer their humiliation to be served up in the bedroom.

Bald man David Dawson told us, “I really wanted to buy a drug that would stop hair loss, but I was genuinely concerned that women would no longer ridicule me. That was until I discovered Propecia.”

“It’s great that women no longer point and snigger at my receding hairline before rejecting me sexually.”

“Now I can get them home before they point and snigger at my genitals, which I’m sure you’ll agree is significantly better.”