Horses furious

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Across the country race horses have this morning been left disgusted after Sports Personality of the Year AP McCoy failed to acknowledge their role in his career success.

Jockey AP McCoy won the award with 49% of the vote, after successfully being carried around by horses over 200 times in one season, and also in one really big race somewhere near Liverpool.

Critics of his victory have suggested that horse racing isn’t even a proper sport, claiming that the horses are more deserving of any award for success on the track.

Sports fan James Williams told us, “I’m not sure you can call horse racing a proper sport, can you? Would it even exist if it wasn’t for all the gambling? Does anyone actually watch this stuff when they don’t have money riding on it?”

“I realise that giving money to bookies is a national pastime, and I suppose AP McCoy has done as much to enable that as anyone.”

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Sports Personality of the Year

With almost half of the votes going to McCoy, some have suggested that allowing bets to be placed on the outcome of the award might have been a mistake.

Gambler Dave Jones said, “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you could bet on the result, and it was won by a man from a ‘sport’ which is only watched by people who like to bet on things.”

Horse fan Sheila Smith told us, “It’s not fair that this wasn’t won by a horse.  It’s not like the horses wouldn’t run without a midget dressed in a bright coloured silk outfit sat atop them, is it?”

“It’s not even as if they’re steering. Their main job is to not fall off.  Well, unless the bookies have asked them to.”

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