BNP welcomes UK weather’s anti-immigration stance

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The British National Party has commended the recent snowfall for keeping foreigners out of Britain over the festive period.

Freezing temperatures as low as -6C at ports and airports have all but prevented different coloured people from making their way to Britain in the past few days.

A BNP spokesman said, “It’s important that we remember our British values at a time when we celebrate the birth of a Jewish messiah born in the middle east.”

“Also, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that such helpful meteorological output is entirely white.”

Liberal opposition groups have called the snow “barbaric” and a “throwback to the weather of the middle ages”, despite meteorological data only going back two hundred years.

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Snow backed by BNP

The Met Office was unavailable to comment, although it has confirmed that most of Britain will be white as early as Christmas.

The Met *Police*, however, has said it is prepared to defend itself against minorities if provoked.

While is it not clear how long the cold spell will last, the BNP admitted reluctantly that the weather was preventing many of its own members from leaving the country.

A spokesman for the party said, “It’s disgusting that ethnically British people are being prevented from purchasing cheaper alcohol overseas.”