You’re absolutely right, he should never have left Fulham, Liverpool fans tell Konchesky’s mum

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A Facebook rant by Paul Konchesky’s mum in which she insisted that he should never have left Fulham has been wholeheartedly endorsed by hordes of Liverpool fans who appear only too keen to assist the left back in a move back down the M6.

The foul-mouthed tirade has been posted on numerous football sites and Liverpool fans have called for the club’s manager Roy Hodgson to appoint Carol Konchesky as a scout for the Merseyside club in view of her assessment of her son’s ability.

“With that kind of honesty she’d be a welcome addition to the backroom staff,” insisted one Kop resident.

Mrs Konchesky’s overview of the entire team has also been embraced by pundits after she described the entire squad at Anfield as “shit”.

“It’s extraordinary how someone so clearly inebriated can make such an astute assessment of not only individual players, but the squad as whole, in such a succinct way.” said a Match of the Day spokesperson.

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“We’ll be looking at getting her on the show at some point this season.  She’s already ten times more interesting than Alan Shearer.”

Paul Konchesky’s Mum

Mrs Konchesky also used the opportunity to correct Liverpool fans who referred to her son as a “Cockney c**t”.

“The common belief is that in order to be a Cockney, one must have been born within earshot of the Bow Bells.”

“Paul was actually born in Barking, so I can assure all Liverpool fans that he is definitely not a Cockney, so that bit was totally wrong.”